Header Wrap/ High Heat Coating
Header wraps help increase exhaust savaging and horsepower, but also lower underhood temps, including heat deflection to the radiator. Thermo-Tec exhaust wraps withstand continuous heat-up to 2,000F-and are engineered from textured, silica-based fabric with a patented inorganic coating. Using the Thermo Tec Hi-Heat Coating spray and Snap Straps will protect the wrap from fraying and harmful liquid spills. Recently tested by 2NR, we found the Thermo-Tec wrap helped decrease coolant temperatures by a whopping 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit on our project STI when driving around town.
Radiator Hose
Standard radiator hoses are made with plies of polyester able to withstand a max temp of 356 degrees Fahrenheit, and can deteriorate from extreme coolant temperatures and chemicals. Samco Sport silicone hoses are individually hand crafted with an Aramid lining (for turbo applications), suitable for temperatures up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit.
Reservoir Tank
Engine coolant cavitations frequently occur during high-RPM load on the race track or drag strip, causing a car's water pump to create tiny air bubbles in the coolant, which decrease its ability to cool, leading to overheating and engine damage. The Carbing reservoir tank offers room for air expansion, reducing chances of overheating due to air-lock, and regulates temperature, keeping your coolant in check.
Yashio Factory
Digital Temp Meter
Digital meters are alternative choices to the typical sweeping needle gauges sold on the market today. Yashio Factory of Japan offers the Okachan water temp gauge, delivering water temp on an easy-to-read, peak hold digital display. The unit can also operate optional features such as warning light, buzzer, automatic fan activation by set temp, or the Okachan Water Sprayer (sold separately) through the incorporated relay.
Water Temp Meter/Alfit Adapter
Using an aftermarket water temp meter can help accurately monitor your engine's cooling system, as factory temperature gauges offer limited information when problems occur. The Defi Link Meter uses accurate stepping motor technology to provide precise readings, while the optional Alfit sensor adapter makes installation simple.
High Pressure Radiator Cap
Using a high-pressure radiator cap in conjunction with aftermarket radiators can aid in your vehicle's cooling system by causing the coolant's boiling point to rise, increasing cooling efficiency. A number of companies offer caps with various pressures, such as this Koyo high pressure radiator cap, rated at 1.3 bar (kg/cm2) or 18.5 psi.

Toyota Avanza With Bolt On Turbo

Proton Perdana V6

Toyota Avanza 1.3 AT

This Avanza is not any Avanza you see on the road. You might get a shock if you see this coming right behind of you and entering corner not the way that an ordinary avanza will do. Don't judge a car by its cover.