The SAFC NEO marks the newest edition to the world famous Super AFC line of piggy back fuel controllers. Building upon the powerful SAFC II, the AFC NEO has taken piggy back style fuel control to a new level. The AFC NEO boasts an incredible 16 points of user definable fuel correction. VTEC control has also been incorporated for Honda/Acura applications. A complete monitor mode is also available to keep the driver/tuner informed of critical engine data.

Features include:
- Completely new case design
- Compact design
- Incorporates both AFC and VAFC functions in one unit
- 16 point fuel correction
- Color FED display
- User defined button and background colors
- Inverted "anti-glare" screen

Key functions include:

* Throttle
* Battery voltage
* Correction %
* Air flow %
* Pressure
* Karmann

* Air map
* Air map graph
* Throttle point
* Deceleration air
* VTEC control
* VTEC unmatch

* Model select
* Mode select
* Car select
* Sensor select
* Analog scale
* Warning set
* Display set
* Sensor check

Interclub TT by kakikereta dot com

10th October 2009, Kakikereta Dot Com with the support from J*Lux Boutique, organized an Inter Car Club Gathering at Restoran Gulam Mee which is located at Kota Damansara. The main objective to have this gathering is to create VIP "Bippu" Styling awareness among car enthusiast.And also not forgetting that having a inter club "TT" is for Enthusiast to meet up with fellow enthusiast and share the knowledge about modding a car. Kakikereta Dot Com wishes to have the members from various car clubs mingling among each other and making more friends thus having 10 car clubs to gather together for this Inter Club TT. " Most Anticipated Gathering Of The Year " Quoted by Alvin Lee a.k.a GooGooKid , DZEUS VIP

Indeed it will. Kakikereta Dot Com will be having a lucky draw on that night, many thanks to J*Lux Boutique who will be sponsoring 20 mysterious products , Toyo Tires with 20 Goodie Bag , 5 mysterious products from Max Audio and also 5 strut braces/bar from CTech Chassis Tuners .

CTech Chassis Tuners will also give a 25% Discount** to enthusiast who is interested in purchasing their bars.

Team Toyo Drift Lim Zee King's 180SX 480 BHp drift machine will be making a surprise appearance in this TT.
How often you see a drift machine come to a TT ?

Participating Car Clubs :
1) Diamond Zeus
2) VipStyleSocietyMalaysia
3) Team Imperials
4) Team Impact
5) UDM Owners
6) MyviStreet
7) Sakura Stallionz
8) Team Secret
9) ZUZ Society
10) Team Swap

Participating Companies / Sponsors :
1) Kakikereta Dot Com ( Organizer )
2) CTech Chassis Tuners
3) Toyo Tires Malaysia
4) D.A.D Sunway
5) J*Lux
6) Max Audio

Participating Media :
1) ExtremeKars
2) Revo! Magazine
3) Pro Tuners (hopefully)
4) I.M Magazine
5) Traffic Online Magazine
6) Malaysian Today
7) New Straits Times

Itenaries propose on 10th Oct 2009
9.30pm - 10.45pm : Arrival of Car Club
10.45pm - 11.30pm : Introductions of members from Various Car Clubs & Speech By Presidents & Sponsors
11.30pm - 12.00am : Lucky Draw & Token of Appreciation given out to Car Clubs
12.00am till End : Group / Rides / Humans Photoshooting sessions , Display of Rides , Dance Performance by 1608 Crews.