Fastest Street Legal Car

This ride is seriously blowing me away. It was a 9.3l v8 Engine which produce a 2200BHP. I just can't imagine that this car can do 0-60 mph in just 1 SECOND!! Besides that, this car can actually do a Quarter mile in 7.8 Second. Impressive huh.

Increased Power without Spending Much Part 1 : Cleaning the Air Filter

You'd never guess how quickly an air filter get dirty to the point where they start costing you power, and often it's the last place people would look into when maintaining the cars. The most important thing when maintaining the car is to check every single section which is really important although sometimes people would think it is not important.

As a general rule of thumb, the move 'hi-flow' into your inlet, the faster it will get dirty; and the more often it will need cleaning. Every 5000 km as a minimum is worth the effort. If you don't have at least an aftermarket panel filter then invest Rm100 in one. Just a suggestion from me.

Safe Stop

It's a fact that there is no point in having massive brakes and pads if you haven't upgraded the brake hoses. As rubber hoses deteriorate and crack over time, they also suffer enormous stress every time you stomp on the brakes.

These hoses are the only thing that connect your brakes to the 'Whoa Pedal' in the cabin, so replace them with the latest ADR Compliant braided ones for peace of mind as well as increased stopping power.

Haltech : Platinum Sport 2000

 High Performance Fuel and Ignition ECU

With 14 channels capable of controlling injection and ignition duites, the Platinum Sport 2000 can support most modern engines (including 3 rotor engines) with multi-coil or conventional distributor ignition systems as well as aftermarket CDI systems.
It is capable of controlling sequential injection on 4,6,8,10 & 12 cylinder engines and direct fire ignition for engines up to 6 cylinders, or wasted spark ignition on engines up to 12 cylinders.

 • - 11 additional user-definable auxillary inputs
• - Up to 13 additional user-definable auxillary outputs (Depending on configuration)

Features and user-definable outputs available as standard include, but are not limited to:
• - Fully user-definable 32 x 32 mapping ( Up to 1024 points)
• - Wideband "Auto tuning" using user definable target AFR table
• - Narrow and Wideband closed loop O2 control
• - Staged injection control for multiple injectors per cylinder (inc rotary)
• - 3D mapped rotary engine ignition split
• - Soft and hard cut rev limiter
• - EGT fuel correction
• - Tuning via TPS with manifold pressure correction
• - Dual map switching for fuel/ign/boost
• - Anti-lag (Rally and Launch style)
• - Rotational idle
• - Launch Control
• - VTEC cam timing control
• - VANOS cam control (intake cam only)
• - True variable cam control supporting late model Toyota's, WRX's and EVO's
• - Dual intake runner control
• - Onboard 2.5 BAR MAP sensor (or use with external MAP up to 10 BAR)
• - Custom sensor calibration (Use your own sensors for temps or fuel/oil pressure etc)
• - Open or closed loop boost control ( Road speed, RPM or gear based mapping)
• - Closed loop idle control (Stepper motor and BAC type)
• - Extra injector control
• - Thermo-fan control ( Duty cycle or on/off )
• - Intercooler fan/spray
• - Alternator control (Mazda)
• - Engine control relay function
• - Nitrous switching with fuel / ignition correction
• - Staged shift lights
• - Aux fuel pump control
• - Tacho output (5v,8v,12v)
• - Turbo timer
• - Torque converter lock up
• - Air con request idle up
• - Windows 2000, XP, Vista compatible software
• - "In the field" updatable Firmware provides all the new features as soon as they are available
• - Onboard and laptop data logging with Data Viewer software
• - USB communication with laptop/PC
• - CAN Bus port for direct plug in communication with Racepak and Aim Dash system.

Typical Applications:
- Control of fuel injection on modified engines
- Conversion from carburetion to fuel injection
- Race and rally applications of all description
- Design and development purposes
- Educational use by universities and technical colleges
- Original equipment in cars and motorcycle

 The Platinum Sport 2000 (ECU Only kit) includes:
ECU Programmable Computer, USB Programming Cable,Instruction Manual (In Software),
Programming Software

D1GP Best Twin Drift Tandem Sudden Death Match

never ending for both the Drifters but I can say it's a very nice chase and they are really skilled when it comes to a corner by sticking to their opponent closely. They have to make sudden attack for 2 rounds to have a winner. You can see the difference between a Local Drifters and Japanese Drifters. They are just going mad when it comes to driving. But they are hidden talented ones that we haven't discover that hides themselves and keep themselves low profile. Hope to see more Automotive Enthusiasm in different category.

Just One Fine Day

It's just a one fine day where I drove to Sunway Damansara for some drop off and headed my journey to Kota damansara for some session with friends with my SLK. After the session where I head back to my place where I need to somehow passing by the road where it used to be a 2 way road but now it has changed to One way street. Me and My SLK meet 2 ferraris where the side of mine is in dark blue and the one behind of it is in Red. I guess both of them are gathering up huh. The SLK I meant is not the SLK from merc benz but Small little Kelisa though. Sorry about the twist yeah.. Just to spice up the day

Latest EV powertrain

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Credits to: Anthony Lim

Zytek Automotive, a UK-based company, is developing an all-new electric vehicle powertrain, and the company says that the third-generation design - which is built from a clean slate - will significantly simplify the introduction of next-generation electric vehicles, be it niche models or high-volume global vehicles.

The 25kW Zytek EV powertrain.

The modular package, available in sizes from 25kW, is extremely compact, and in air-cooled configuration, is up to 45% lighter than today’s production EV powertrains, while the water-cooled version, suitable for demanding drive cycles, is still up to 30% lighter.

Features in the powertrain include the integration of the charger within the inverter, reducing the number of separate enclosures and connectors required in the vehicle, and a new, high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor offering a maximum speed of 14,000rpm, providing oodles of generated torque while keeping the machine's size small and weight low.

A closer view of the motor plus transmission.

A new transmission, designed specifically for use with the new powertrain, is being developed by transmission specialist Vocis, and offers compactness (just 138cm wide) and lightness (10kg) among its key features.

The compact dimensions of the new drivetrain will make mechanical integration with a vehicle much simpler. The main connections required are high voltage (to the traction battery) and low voltage (for electrical interface with the vehicle). The air cooling option adds to the weight reduction and reduces complexity by eliminating the entire water cooling system.

VW launches new Polo GTI

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Credits to: Anthony Lim

 Volkswagen has launched the GTI variant for its new Polo hatch; the little rocket has 178bhp, like its predecessor, though this is achieved with the use of a turbocharged and supercharged 1.4l TSI block compared to the 1.8l turbo unit on the previous one.

Effectively, this amounts to the same level of performance and fun, with the 1,194kg vehicle able to do the 0-100kmh sprint in 6.9secs and get to a top speed of 229kmh, but with a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency .

The car is equipped with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) as standard; an electronic transverse differential lock (XDS) reduces the tendency to understeer and improves handling aspects. Like all versions of the model series, the Polo GTI also comes equipped with ESP, including Hill Climb Assist.

Safety equipment includes an airbag network that features combined head-thorax side airbags, belt tensioners, belt tension limiters plus belt warning, front head restraints designed to avoid whiplash trauma as well as Isofix points on the rear bench seat.

As for convenience, items on the kit list include electro-hydraulic power steering, central locking, bootspace lighting and tie-down eyes, driver seat height adjustment and green-tinted insulated glass.

The Polo GTI is the first Polo to come with bi-xenon headlights with cornering lights, LED daytime running lights and corner marker lights, as well as a panoramic tilt/slide sunroof. GTI-specific features include a sport seat system and 17-inch Denver alloy wheels.