Pit Babes of Formula 1 Grand Prix, Sepang

A welcome sight to the Sepang paddock
Heikki Kovalainen's girlfriend Catherine Hyde
Jessica Michibata enjoys the sunshine
Jessica Michibata in the paddock
Malaysian grid girls pose for the camera on qualifying Saturday
Malaysian grid girls smile for the camera
A Malaysian grid girl shelters from the sun

VIP Style Sedan Thailand Grand Opening Part 1

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Check out the VIP style Sedans at Thailand Grand Opening.

Honda Accord and Honda Civic

Toyota Camry Widebody

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Below are the slide show of the VIP Style Sedans

Ferrari 458 Italia Arrived In Malaysia

It has arrived to Malaysia at last, launched its latest Ferrari 458 Italia at Nazi Italia, Federal Highway on the Thursday night. 
Here you go, the all-new Ferrari that will make 360 and 430 owners whip out their checkbooks, or so Ferrari hopes.
The new Ferrari 458 Italia is powered by a new 4.5 liter V8 engine producing 570 horsepower at a mind-boggling 9,000rpm, and 540Nm of torque at 6,000rpm (over 80% of this available from 3,250rpm onwards), thanks to high-revving, a 12.5:1 compression ratio, and direct injection. The torque numbers are pretty darn high for a normally aspirated of this size, thanks to direct injection and the high compression. Ferrari pointed out that out of the 570 total horses, 5 are gained only at higher speeds thanks to a ram air effect.
Power goes to the rear wheels via a new 7-speed dual clutch F1 gearbox (no mention of a stick shift so far?). This combination of a V8, a twin clutch, and a dry weight of 1,380kg takes the car up to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds, and the top speed is set at over 325km/h. For those who even bother, fuel consumption is 13.7 liters per 100km on a combined cycle and Ferrari says this is the best in its segment.
See the triple exhaust setup at the rear? It wasn’t mentioned in the press release but apparently it is said that they work in stages, with all three pipes only working from mid-rev onwards. I’m still looking for more confirmation on this.
Do I like it? No. I mean, it’s not ugly but it won’t win any beauty contests for sure. I’m sure it will be an object of lust and attention in the metal but I’m seriously not digging the overly cab forward design of this new car. It takes after the Enzo too much but ends up looking like a Pagani Zonda from the sides.
I’m not sure if the decision to make the car look overly futuristic was influenced by the fact that many are falling for Lamborghini’s cleaner, simpler, straighter and futuristic fighter jet design cues. The new 458 somehow seems to lack the class that a Ferrari is supposed to have.
Ferrari says the car’s styling is heavily influenced by aerodynamic needs. The nose features small aeroelastic winglets which help generate downforce and contributes to the 140kg of downforce generated at 200km/h.
Look after the jump for a few more photos of the new 458 Italia, and watch a teaser video of the 458 Italia accelerating from a stand-still – however it looks like, the sound and performance of that V8 overshines it all!

Skyline History and Specification details on BNR33

Nissan Skyline GTR-33 (BCNR33) 
Production Figures 16,520 vehicles.
Descriptions Standard 9,871
V-spec 6,551 (Incld. N1 version)

Body Colours 
Version 1
- Super Clear Red (AN0)
- Deep Marine Blue (BN6)
- Black (KH3)
- Spark Silver Metallic (KL0)
- Dirk Grey Pearl (KN6)
- Midnight Purple (LP2)
- White (QM1)
LM Limited
- Champion Blue (BT2)
Version 2 / Version 3
- Midnight Purple (LP2)
- Deep Marine Blue (BN6)
- White (QM1)
- Sonic Silver (KP4)
- Dirk Grey Pearl(KN6)
- Black(KH3)
- Super Clear Red II (AR1)
Version 1 Released: 16th January 1995.
Length: 4,675mm x Width: 1,780mm x Height: 1,360mm
Wheelbase: 2,720mm
Curb Weight 1,530kg(GTR STD) / 1,540kg(GTR V-spec)
Max Power: 280ps/6,800rpm
Max Torque: 37.5kg-m/4,400rpm
* Compared with BNR32, Length +130mm, Width +25mm, Height +5mm (compared with BNR32 V-spec), Wheelbase: +105mm.
* Increased torque by 5kg-m.
* 245/45-17 tyres.
* Increased standard boost pressure by 0.09bar (BNR32:0.75bar / BCNR33:0.84bar)
* Brembo brake calipers and discs as standard.
* Brake cooling air guide for V-spec.
* Active LSD and ATTESA E-TS PRO for V-spec.
* Harder suspensions for V-specs.
* Strut tower brace, extra reinforcement body panels.
* Drivers SRS Airbag.

Version 2 Released: 22nd January 1996.
* Revised body colour in red and silver.
* Revised steering wheel design.
* Passengers airbag.
* Reviced shape and material on dashboard and centre cruster.
LM Limited Released: 21st May 1996.
Taken limited order by end of July.
Anniverysary model for participation of Le Mans 24 Hours Race.
* Exclusive colour: Champion Blue (BT2)
* Front bumper with extra air duct.
* Bonnet hood top spoiler.
* Carbon fibre rear main spoiler.
* Exclusive decal on c-piller.

Version 3 Released: 3rd February 1997
* Xenon headlights.
* Rear fog lights.
* Front bumper with extra air duct.
* Bigger front splitter with bigger brake cooling air duct (20mm lower).
* Revised ABS control programme.
* Reinforced brake pedal bracket.
* Reinforced rear suspensions member fitting.
* Rear floor reinforcement bar.
* Revised colour scheme interior. (Version 1/2: Grey with blue, Version 3: Grey with red.)

N1 Version Released: 3rd February 1997.
Based on V-spec.
* Metal blade turbochargers.
* Thicker piston second land. (Std: 4.0mm N1: 4.6mm‚Ö)
* Reinforced material used for conn-rod bearings.
* Reinforced air inlet hose.
* Front mounted engine oil cooler.
* N1 water pump. (bigger inperer to prevent bubbling.)
* Reinforcement around cylinder block head bolt boss.
* Narrowed distance between two piston rings. (Std: 1.5mm / N1: 1.2mm)
* Revised camshaft profile. (exhaust overlap: STD 0 degree / N1 5 degrees).
* Extra air intake on front bumper.
* Intercooler air guide.
* Less intercooler net.
* Bonnet hood top spoiler.
* Carbon fibre rear main spoiler.
* Carbon fibre front under cover.
* Less rear wiper.
* Less air-con.

Proton Saga BLM Customizations

It came to a shock when I saw Proton Saga BLM with a Subaru style. It took me few seconds to identified the vehicle from far but once it reach near, I can tell that it's a Proton Saga. People are so creative nowadays, bodykits are all over and they can just pick and match. Malaysia people really 'BOLEH'.
Proton Saga Subaru Version 9 Style

Proton Saga BLM with a Lexus Spirit

Proton Saga BLM with a BMW 3 Series look

I was shock when I see this, I find this bodykit looks not that bad to a saga but why a person want to modified till it looks like a BMW when the features in it doesn't really match up with. This post is to show everyone that what can a Proton Saga BLM turns out to be. There are many choices for the owner to choice either from BMW, Lexus or Subaru for their preferences.

Here are some other mods @

Lexus Penang Opens its doors

Credits to: Anthony Lim @

Lexus Malaysia has officially opened its second facility in the country with the introduction of its new 3S centre in Penang.

Lexus Penang, which is operated by Telagamas Motors and is located in the heart of Georgetown, will offer the same level of approach and service as the flagship centre in Petaling Jaya, and naturally offers customers in the northern region the opportunity to view and test drive Lexus vehicles without having to travel to KL.

The RM1.5mil facility boasts a 10,000 sq ft showroom that is capable of displaying all the models in the current Lexus line-up available locally. There's also a luxury lounge area and a customer waiting lounge, replete with a café.

An additional area of 15,000 sq ft is allocated for the service centre and customer parking area. The Lexus service centre will be open in June.

Skyline History and Specification details on BNR32

Nissan Skyline R32 (BNR32)

Production Figures 43,934 vehicles.
Descriptions Standard 40,390
V-spec 1,453
V-specII 1,303
N1 version 228
Chassis Numbers GT-R NISMO (sold 500) : BNR32-100000 - BNR32-100560
Version 1: 21/08/1999- : BNR32-000051 - BNR32-017466
Version 2: 20/08/1991- : BNR32-212001 -
Version 3: 01/01/1993- : BNR32-300001 - BNR32-314649
Annual Production 1989: 4,555
1990: 8,426
1991: 7,081
1992: 7,961
1993: 6,204
1994: 7,465

Body Colours 
 Version 1
- Gun Grey Metallic (KH2)
- Jet Silver Metallic (KG1)
- Dirk Blue Pearl (TH1)
- Red Pearl Metallic (AH3)
- Black Pearl Metallic (732)

Version 2 / Version 3
- Cristal White (326)
- Spark Silver Metallic (KL0)
- Gun Grey Metallic (KH2)
- Red Pearl Metallic (AH3)
- Black Pearl Metallic (732)
Version 1 Released: 21th August 1989
Produced to make victory at Group A race.
Length: 4,545mm x Width: 1,755mm x Height: 1,340mm
Wheelbase: 2,615mm
Curb Weight: 1,430kg
Max Power: 280ps/6,800rpm
Max Torque: 36.0kg-m/4,400rpm
Engine: RB26DETT
Displacement: 2,568cc
* Twin ceramic blade turbochargers.
* Electrically controled torque split four wheel drive (ATTESA E-TS).
* 4 wheels multi-link suspensions.
* 225/50-16 tyres.

NISMO Released: 11th March 1990
Produced 560 BNR32 GTR Nismo as Group A evolution model.
* Metal blade turbochargers.
* Additional air intake on the front bumper.
* Bonnet hood top spoiler
* Bigger side sill protector.
* Rear auxiliary small rear spoiler.
* Less rear wiper.
* Less ABS.
* Less air-con.
* Less intercooler net.
* Curb Weight: 1,400kg (weight reduction by 30kgs.)

Version 2 Released: 20th August 1991
* Side impact door beam.
* Factory optional driver side airbag.
* Seatbelt warning indicator.
* Shock absorb steering wheel pad.
* Fireproofed interior materials.
* Revised headlight lense and H1 type headlight bulb.
* Curb weight: 1,480kg (50kgs increased.)
Version 3 Released: 3rd February
* Pull type clutch.
* Revised rear diff cover. (1994 onwards.)
V-spec Released: 3rd February 1993
Anniversary model for 3 years champion of Group A race.
* Height: 1,355mm (+15mm)
* Brembo brake calipers and discs.
* BBS aluminium wheels.
* 225/50-17 tyres.
* Curb weight: 1,500kg (20kgs increased.)
V-spec II Released: 14th February 1994
*Anniversary model for 4 years champion of Group A race.
*245/45-17 tyres.
*V-specII Sticker.
N1 version Base car for N1 Taikyu Championship Series. (Group N endurance race equivalent.)
* Additional air intake on the front bumper.
* Bonnet hood top spoiler
* Less rear wiper.
* Less ABS.
* Less air-con.
* Less intercooler net.
* Brake cooling air guide.
* Non projector headlights.
* Metal blade turbochargers. (V-spec N1 and V-spec II N1.)

Euromobil unveils the Audi R8 V10

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Euromobil launched the Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI quattro in Malaysia on ( Thursday ) 18th March 2010 and also officially opened its Audi Kuala Lumpur showroom in Jalan Imbi, Bukit Bintang. The event was officiated by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
The R8 V10, as its suffix indicates, is powered by a naturally-aspirated 5.2l FSI ten-cylinder block which develops 525bhp at 8,000rpm and 530Nm at 6,500rpm, and performance specs include a 0-100kmh time of 3.9secs and a top speed of 316kmh.

The permanent all-wheel drive vehicle comes with a choice of manual six-speed transmission or optionally with R tronic, which enables the driver to change gears in an instant via rocker switches on the steering wheel, with a Launch Control function available with both tranny types.

The exterior of the R8 V10 naturally differs distinctively from that of the V8 version, notably at the front (with all-LED headlights part of the parcel), at the sideblades - that provide the engine with intake air - and at the tail end.

Standard equipment includes heated seat covers of Fine Nappa leather, a navigation system plus, a Bang & Olufsen sound system, automatic air conditioning as well as 19-inch, 10-spoke Y design wheels wearing 235/35 front and 295/30 series tyres. There's always optional kit, of course, and these include items such as carbon fibre ceramic brake discs.

As for the Audi Kuala Lumpur showroom, it's a one and a half storey building aimed at giving the marque higher visibility and market presence. Designed around the brand's Terminal concept, the showroom features a total of 8,048sq ft in built-up space. The location, while prime, does however translate into it being a 2S outlet - the service equation will be taken up by a new service centre in Jalan Chan Sow Lin, which is slated to open in May.

Proton Persona Elegance

Source by Paul Tan @

Proton Persona Elegance facelift – FULL DETAILS!
We just got back from the launch of the facelifted Proton Persona, which is officially called the Proton Persona Elegance. Available in three trim levels – Base Line, Medium Line and High Line – the Persona Elegance is powered by the familiar 1.6-litre Campro IAFM engine with 110 bhp at 6,500 rpm and 148 Nm of torque from 4000 rpm. Buyers can choose between a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual, but the High Line model only comes with the auto ‘box.
Although output remains, the Campro IAFM in the Persona Elegance comes with a new 32 bit ECU from Continental, which also supplied the previous 16 bit version. According to a Proton source, the new 32 bit ECU has more capabilities compared to the older 16 bit version – capable of more inputs, you can configure more parameters, and it can also interconnect with more systems such as “talking” to a Body Control Module such as the one in the Exora.

It is more of a future-proofing and cost-effectiveness move. Torque and power output remains the same as before. Firstly, Siemens VDO have been moving their global ECU manufacturing to 32 bit being the minimum, so it is not feasible for Proton to continue ordering 16 bit ECUs when the 32 bit version can be had at a far more competitive price. This move is also in preparation for the new Project Phoenix engine that we will soon see in Protons, which will require the capabilities of the new ECU.

UPDATE: Since we first published this article we’ve received more information on the new Persona Elegance. The changes go beyond just an aesthetic make-over. We already know there’s a new bodykit, front grille, bumpers and new LED tail lamps. But beyond that, here’s what’s different:
• The seat backrest angle has been changed to offer better comfort.
• Extra soundproofing material has been added to pillars to improve interior NVH.
• Despite power output and torque being the same, a source has indicated that the engine should feel livelier and more responsive. We’ll try to get an initial impression from the showrooms over this weekend.
The original story continues below…
There are a couple of changes to the exterior. As all of you already know from our previous reveals, the Persona Elegance comes with a new rear lamp cluster, now with LED brake lights. The nine LEDs are arranged in two rows – four up and five down. All trims except for the Base Line come with a bodykit, slim rear spoiler and foglamps, although the turning lamps on the side mirrors (illuminates in a cool light bar form) and chrome door handles are standard across the board
Up front, the facelifted Persona uses the same nose as the Gen 2 CPS along with its “black out” headlamp housing, but with a different grille design. The Proton logo and its “wings” is pushed up to the top of the grille while the Gen 2 CPS has a central emblem. The 15-inch rim design is also new, although the 195/60 size of the tyres are unchanged. As before, the Base Line makes do with steel rims and hubcaps.
Inside, the most apparent change is the replacement of the previous custom designed audio head unit for a conventional single-DIN unit, once again by Blaupunkt. The USB compatible unit should be easier to operate than before with minimal and large buttons, and all trims but the Base Line get steering wheel controls. The meter cluster graphics are also new, now with white numbering and red needles plus a red inner ring, much more “premium looking” than the plain orange dials used before. Proton also says that the angle of rear seat has been changed for improved comfor
Medium and High Line cars get a GPS navigation set stuck on the windscreen, driver’s seat height adjuster and electric side mirrors. Only the High Line gets leather seats and trim (Base and Medium Line sports a new fabric material), cruise control and remote release for the trunk.
Safety kit wise, the High Line comes with ABS and EBD, two airbags and two pre-tensioner seatblets. Out of this, the Medium Line only gets a driver’s airbag and pre-tensioner seatbelt, while the Base Line gets none of the above.
Here is the price list for the Persona Elegance:
Base Line (M) RM46,499
Base Line (A) RM49,499
Medium Line (M) RM52,999
Medium Line (A) RM55,999
High Line (A) RM59,499

Proton’s latest is available in two new colours – Chiffon Green and Bronze Garnet – in addition to silver and black. Brilliant Red is a colour exclusive to the High Line. Now in showrooms and ready for booking, the Persona Elegance comes with a 2-year/50,000 km manufacturer’s warranty plus a 3-year/125,000 km extended warranty programme – that’s a total of 5 years.
Pictures from the launch this morning, studio images, a video and a full scan of the brochure showing the equipment list of all variants are after the jump.