Volkswagen R32 Review

Volkswagen Golf R32 Car Review by Rob Fraser

BMW 130i M pack vs Volkswagen Golf R32 (Top Gear)

Mercedes Brabus SL Turbo-Charged

It is amazing to see a Mercedez-benz being tuned by Brabus especially for this ride. It's a Mercedez-Benz SL equipped with a V12 6.3L Turbocharged engine by Brabus and the original of it would be a 5.5L engine, such a drastic modification though. It can makes your adrenalin goes up huh. It produces a 730bhp and a torque of a 1000. Sounds scary huh but that's the fact of it. Do check out the video by Top Gear from BBC for more info yeah.

VIP Style Cars

Low Riders
This is what I called VIP. It's really nice but I don't think this can be done in Malaysia due to the pot-holes, Bumps, and many other reasons.

VIP Style cars by Junction Produce

VIP STYLE Mercedes Benz W140,and W126 models by ARES-Junction Produce

Top 20 Finalist for Phat & Furious 2010

Below are a few of the finalist for the Phat & Furious 2010 happening @ Mist Club, Bangsar. Have fun viewing yeah..

The following are the slideshow of the remaining cars for the Top 20 Finalist for Phat & Furious 2010 happens at Mist Club, bangsar. Have a view and check out the rides.

Phat & Furious FINALE @ Mist Club On 5th January 2010

Spend my night at mist club taking couples of shoots and enjoying the atmosphere there. It was crowded with many automotive enthusiast and also car clubs representative around there. That night which is the finale and the chosen cars will promote and show offs their ride to let the judges to judge on it. Check out the pictures and slideshow below ya. Stay tuned for more Automotive fantasies.