DIY Spray Firewall

Before Spraying
Preparing to sealed up all the unwanted places so the Spray Paint wouldn't spread all over and cause other place to be messy

On the way wrapping the parts and making sure it is properly covered

Look at the old and the scratches on the Firewall

After Spraying
The result after spraying it, How it look guys. Just a beginner so it might not be appearing as nice as the spray shop out there. The reason I'm spraying one middle section is to see if it turns out to be okay before I spraying the whole front part of it

Closer look to the Paint

This is the Final result

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Latest Hyundai Sonata Spotted

Saw this New Hyundai Sonata on road when I was driving around town therefore I took a picture of it and shared it here with you guys. The back part of this car really reminds me of the Mercedes Benz CLS Model. I wonder if they got some of the idea from it but anyways, it's a korean make car. It is still cheaper than the Conti ones.

Besides that, when I observe  the side of this Hyundai Sonata properly.  It has a aerodynamic shape that lets the air goes by aerodynamically and it looks good on it though.

  • Hill Start Assist Control
  • Theta II 2.0 & 2.4 MPI Engine
  • Eco Driving System
  • Gate Type  6-Speed Auto Transmission
  • Dual Air Bags

Price For the Hyundai Sonata:-
  1. Hyundai Sonata YF 2.0 Standard - RM 131,191. 10 
  2. Hyundai Sonata YF 2.0 High Spec - RM 138,983. 10
  3. Hyundai Sonata YF 2.4 High Spec - RM 158.102.80 
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Vip Style Perodua Kenari

I was stunned and amazed by the major makeover of this Perodua Kenari which is very nice in term of style and looks. The car is  painted Matte Black with a Chrome lining stripe on the side makes the car even better. Besides that, the interior was really stunning but I didn't get a chance to take the shots of it yeah.

This is a truly Vip Style Perodua Kenari where I seldom see this kind of style makeover on a Perodua Kenari during a drive in the town or speedway so I find kinda cool though. I wonder is the car owner a member of Diamond Zeus Society.

Ultra Racing 4 Point Upper Strut Bar with D.A.D Number Plate

Matte Black Body with Stylish Wheels equipped makes the car looks even better

Side view of the Perodua Kenari. Look at the Chrome stripe the owner put on makes the car more exotic with a bit of style

Diamond Zeus Sticker spotted on the Rear view

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Prosport Performance Boost Meter

Picture above shows the PROSPORT Performance Boost meter where it has a Opening ceremony and it's a BF meter. Besides that, it has various colour for you to view eg ( Red, Blue, White ) and it looks good though.

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