Pug 3008 is a big hit

Source From: Star Motoring
Credits To: Anthony Lim

The recently launched Peugeot 3008 is certainly doing very well, given the numbers. In less than a month since its official debut here, the SUV has recorded more than 300 bookings, surpassing the company’s monthly sales target of 120 units.

Despite exceeding Nasim’s monthly sales target, the company is confident of meeting the demand for the vehicle. The strong response for the 3008 will undoubtedly help the company achieve its recently revised full-year sales target of 3,800 units.

Concurrently, Nasim has also launched a three month after-sales and CSR campaign in conjunction with Peugeot’s 200 year anniversary. The three month campaign will run from July 1 to Sept 30.

Among the after-sales promotions to be offered during the campaign includes a free 25-point inspection at all Peugeot service centres nationwide. The inspection will comprise specific checks on a vehicle’s engine, transmission, suspension, steering and braking system.

Customers who then send in their cars for service at any of Nasim’s service centres during the campaign period will receive a gift commemorating Peugeot’s 200-year anniversary. Additionally, customers will be able to take advantage of Nasim’s 20% discount on selected spare parts, which was implemented in May.

As for the CSR campaign, Nasim will make a donation to Hospis Malaysia for every car sold during the three-month campaign period.

Land Pirates Return!

Source From: Star Motoring
Credits to: Anthony Lim

It's been a while, but Ford's famous Lanun Darat programme is back. For starters, Sime Darby Auto Connexion is organising a camping trip to Kampung Ulu Slim in Slim River, Perak on July 17-18.

The two-day, one-night programme includes an off-road driving and vehicle recovery workshop by a professional instructor, whitewater rafting, fun and games plus a visit to the village school to hand over donations of sports equipment and books.

Participation is limited to just 30 vehicles, on a first-come-first-served basis, so Ranger and Everest owners keen to participate best be quick about it.

You can download the registration form from the Ford Malaysia website at Ford. The completed form and the payment of RM100 per vehicle in the form of a bank draft or cheque must reach Sime Darby Auto Connexion before July 9, 2010.

While all meals are provided for, participants are required to bring their own tents, sleeping bags, personal hygiene items and basic cutlery.

Honda Freed

Original Honda Freed Front View Shoot

Honda Freed Mugen Design

Honda Freed has 3 Version for its model and there's Honda Freed 1.5 GL 7-Seater (A), Honda Freed 1.5 G Just Selection 7-Seater (A) and also Honda Freed 1.5 GL 8-Seater (A) Features. They actually have quite a number of similar specifications and the difference is there's a 7 Seater model and a 8 Seater model. Honda Freed (shortened from freedom) - is a newer version of Mobilo, that we found was produced and sold at least in Taiwan market in 2002-2006. Generally, it was all Mobilo, only with different interiuor versions, named Freed, Spike, Vamos, Almas. So check out the Specification below.

Honda Freed ( Specification )


Engine Type
PGM-FI, 1,497 cc,i-VTEC 16 valve
Max power (PS/rpm)
118 / 6,600
Max Torque (Kgm/rpm)
14.9 / 4,800
Front : McPherson Strut with Stabilizer

Rear : H-Shape Torsion Beam
Length X Width X Height
4215 x 1700 x 1735 mm
2740 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity
42 liter
Minimum Turning radius
5.2 meter
Ground Clearance
165 mm
Luggage Capacity
142 liter regular / 672 liter 3rd row seat flip-up
Tyre & Wheel
185/65 R15 Alloy
Safety Features
Front Ventilated Disc & Rear Drum with ABS+EBD+BA
Body Structure
G-CON + ACE with Pedestrian Protection

Side Impact Beam
SRS Airbag
Driver & Front Passenger

Neck Shock Mitigation on 1st & 2nd row
Safety Belt
3 Point ELR x 6 seat & 2 Point ELR x 1 seat
Pretensioner Belt
With Double Load Limiter
Rear Door
Door Open Warning Safety System
Key & Alarm
Wave Key, Keyless Entry, Immobilizer

Auto Lock System by Speed
Grille Black
Rear License Garnish Body Color
Door Mirror
Sliding Door Manual
Seat Configuration
2+2+3, Reclining, 1st & 2nd row sliding

King & Queen Seat

One Step Low Floor
Arm Rest 2nd row
1st & 2nd row
Power Outlet + 10 cup holder
Double Din AM/FM CD MP3/WMA/WAV + USB + AUX input + i-POD ready

SRS WOW effect + 10 colors spectrum

Multi Information LCD Display

Multistrada wins at Pikes Peak

Source from: The Star Motoring
Credits To: Anthony Lim

Ducati's recently launched Multistrada has won its first international competition, taking the win and a third place finish in the 1200cc class of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado.

In the hands of Pikes Peak veteran, Greg Tracy, the Multistrada 1200 S took a massive lead off the start line, and finished at the top podium position at the end of the climb to 4,300m. Tracy ran a smooth race, hitting 220kmh at one point, on the bike, which demonstrated its exceptional on and off-road capabilities with its electronically controlled “riding-modes”.

His teammate, Alexander Smith, ensured the second Multistrada entry also made the podium. Smith looked set to complete a 1-2 finish for Ducati, but fell in the last corner before remounting to grab third.

Kadar Kompaun Istimewa Untuk Kesalahan


1. Lebih muatan [Seksyen 19(3) CVLB Akta 1987]
a.berat kenderaan kurang daripada 3000 kg
i. muatan lebih daripada 50% - RM 300.00
ii. muatan kurang daripada 50% - RM 150.00

b. berat kenderaan antara 4000 kg - 12000 kg
i. muatan lebih daripada 5001 kg - kes dibawa ke Mahkamah
ii. muatan antara 2001 - 5000 kg - RM 300.00
iii. muatan lebih daripada 2000 kg - RM 150.00

c. berat kenderaan antara 12000 kg - 16000 kg
i. muatan lebih daripada 6001 kg kes dibawa ke mahkamah
ii. muatan lebih daripada 3001 - 6000 kg - RM 300.00
iii. muatan lebih daripada 3000 kg - RM 150.00

d. berat kenderaan lebih daripada 26000 kg
i. muatan lebih daripada 30% kes dibawa ke mahkamah
ii. muatan antara 15 - 30% - RM 300.00
iii. muatan kurang daripada 15% - RM 200.00

e. Kesalahan berulang - digantung permit LPKP dan Lesen GDL selama satu bulan.

2. Pelepasan asap [Kenderaan Motor (kawal pelepasan asap dan gas) Peraturan 1944]
a. Gagal mematuhi notis arahan pemeriksaan - RM 300.00
b. Pelepasan asap lebih daripada 100 HSU - RM 300.00
c. Pelepasan asap antara 70 HSU - 100 HSU - RM 200.00
d. Pelepasan asap antara 55 HSU - 70 HSU - RM 100.00
e. Kesalahan pelepasan asap lebih dari dua kali - digantung permit LPKP , Lesen GDL, and pemandu PSV untuk satu bulan

3. Cermin gelap [Kenderaan Bermotor (Larangan untuk beberapa jenis cermin ) Peraturan 1994] = RM 150.00

4. Tidak mematuhi syarat istimewa permit [Seksyen 19(3) CVLB Act 1987. syarat laluan, jenis perkhidmatan, jenis barang yang disewa dan ganjaran untuk lori permit 'C']
a. RM 150.00
b. Kesalahan berulang - digantung permit LPKP, Lesen GDL dan PSV untuk satu bulan

Kadar Kompaun Minimum Untuk Kesalahan JalanRaya


1. Gagal mengesahkan perubahan bertulis ke atas maklumat pendaftaran [Seksyen 12(2) APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

2. Gagal menukar hakmililk dalam tempoh 7 hari daripada tarikh ditukar. [Seksyen 13 APJ 1987] = RM 100.00

3. Gagal mempamerkan pendaftaran nombor plat atau nombor plat yang digunakan tidak mengikut spesifikasi yang sepatutnya. [Seksyen 14 APJ 1987] = RM 100.00

4. Cukai jalan tamat tempoh (tiada insuran/kenderaan dirampas) [Seksyen 23(1) APJ 1987]
i. Cukai jalan tamat tempoh (dengan insuran) = Rm150.00
ii. Tamat tempoh lebih daripada 1 bulan (pemandu dan empunya) = Rm150.00
iii. Kenderaan Awam dan Kenderaan Barangan (pemandu dan empunya) = Rm150.00
iv. Motosikal = Rm150.00

5. Riding on running boards and obstruction of driver [Seksyen 47 APJ 1987] = RM 100.00

6. Meletak kenderaan menyebabkan menghalang lalulintas [Seksyen 48 APJ 1987] = RM 100.00

7. Salah guna dua tayar motosikal [Seksyen 49 APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

8. Memegang kenderaan yang sedang bergerak [Seksyen 49(2) APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

9. Tidak memiliki lesen vokasional yang sah (lesen tamat tempoh) [Seksyen 56(1) APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

10. Gagal untuk menunjukkan sijil insuran dan lesen memandu [Seksyen 58(1) APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

11. Menggunakan pembahagi jalan [Seksyen 70 APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

12. Meletak kenderaan barang atau kenderaan awam di kawasan larangan [Seksyen 70 APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

13. Mengambil dan menurunkan penumpang/memunggah barang di kawasan larangan [Seksyen 72(1) APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

14. Gagal mengikut arahan dan tanda lalulintas [Seksyen 79(2) APJ 1987] = RM 150.00

15. Tidak mematuhi syarat permit (kenderaan barangan) [Seksyen 19(3) CVLB Akta 1987] = Rm150
i.Tidak mempamerkan lesen = Rm150
ii. Beroperasi di luar kawasan = Rm150
iii. Membawa barang yang tidak dibenarkan = Rm150

16. Tidak mematuhi syarat permit (Kenderaan Awam) [Seksyen 19(3) CVLB Akta 1987]
i. Tidak mempamerkan jadual = Rm150
ii. Tidak mempamerkan lesen = Rm150
iii. Panduan pelancung tidak dipaparkan = Rm150
iv. Membawa penumpang yang tidak (bas sekolah/bas kilang) = Rm150
v. Penumpang berlebihan (bas mini/teksi) = Rm150
vi. Mengambil penumpang di kawasan yang dilarang = Rm150
vii. Beroperasi di luar kawasan dan perjalanan sepatutnya = Rm150

17. Keadaan Kenderaan [Seksyen 20(2) CVLB Akta 1987]
i) Gagal mengekalkan kenderaan di dalam keadaaan baik = Rm150
ii. Kesalahan Teknikal Serius - brek, setereng, sambungan dll = Rm150

Kadar Kompaun Maksimum untuk Kesalahan JalanRaya


1. Menggunakan kenderaan bermotor yang tidak berdaftar [Seksyen 7(1) APJ 1987] = RM 300.00

2. Menggunakan lesen kenderaan bermotor untuk lebih daripada satu kenderaan dalam satu masa. [Seksyen 22(2) APJ 1987] = RM 300.00

3. Menggunakan lesen kenderaan motor untuk tujuan selain dari sepatutnya. [Seksyen 22(2) APJ 1987] = RM 300.00

4. Tidak memiliki Lesen Vokasional yang sah untuk pemandu dan konduktor kenderaan awam (PSV) [Seksyen56(1) APJ 1987] = Pemandu/Empunya: RM300.00; Konduktor : RM 150.00

5. Gagal mematuhi Perintah Berkurung PG.1 (menggunakan kenderaan ketika masih dalam Perintah Berkurung) [Seksyen 59(9) APJ 1987] = RM 300.00

6. Gagal mematuhi notis pemeriksaan kenderaan bermotor [Seksyen 61(3) APJ 1987] = RM 300.00

7. Tidak mematuhi berat kenderaan yang dibenarkan [Seksyen 63(1) APJ 1987] = RM 300.00

8. Gagal mematuhi arahan untuk menghantar kenderaan ke lokasi yang ditetapkan untuk simpanan [Seksyen 64(1) APJ 1987] = RM 300.00

9. Kesalahan pemandu dan konduktor [Kenderaan Awam (Pelesenan dan Kelakuan Pemandu, Konduktor dan Penumpang) Peraturan 1959] = RM 300.00

10. Tidak mematuhi syarat permit (kenderaan barangan) Pemandu dan Pemunya
i. Membawa barangan sewa atau ganjaran [Seksyen 19(3) Akta Majlis Lesen Kenderaan Perdagangan 1987 (19(3) CVLB Act 1987)] = RM 300.00

11. Tidak mematuhi syarat (Kenderaan Awam(PSV)) [Seksyen 19(3) Akta Majlis Lesen Kenderaan Perdagangan 1987 (19(3) CVLB Act 1987)]
i. Gagal menggunakan meter teksi = RM 300.00
ii. Kadar tambang yang tinggi = RM 300.00
iii. Enggan mengambil penumpang(teksi) = RM 300.00
iv. Beroperasi di luar kawasan yang dibenarkan = RM 300.00

12. Gagal mematuhi lampu isyarat [Peraturan 17 Tanda Lalulintas (saiz, warna and jenis) Peraturan 1959] = RM 300.00

13. Gunakan laluan sebelah kiri jika bergerak perlahan [Peraturan 4 : Peraturan Lalulintas 1959] = RM 300.00

14. Memotong sepatutnya di lorong kanan (memotong di lorong kecemasan di lorong kiri) [Peraturan 5 : Peraturan Lalulintas 1959] = RM 300.00

15. Kesalahan berkaitan ketika memotong dan menghalang ketika memotong [Peraturan 6 : Peraturan Lalulintas 1959] = RM 300.00

16. Larangan berhenti di dalam petak kuning [Peraturan 8A : Peraturan Lalulintas 1959] = RM 300.00