Increased Power without Spending Much Part 8: Octane Booster

If you drive a car with factory management in place, and it's equipped with knock sensors, then it is indeed poss to make a bit more power with the addition of octance boosters and nothing else. A couple of runs on the dyno whole the ignition map 're-learns' and away go.

Factory computer equipped skyline Gt-Rs with non standard boost settings tend to improve markedly from this kind of treatment

Subsidy Cuts to Boost Economy

         As told by The Star newspaper online on May 25th 2010 which it was reported by Teh Eng Hock. The Fuel Subsidy is reduced gradually to boost the economy of Malaysia and attracts more Oversea investors as told by AmResearch senior economist Manokaran Mottain.

- Current 2010 Price – RM1.80 /liter RON95
- Q3/Q4 2010 Price Hike – RM1.95  /liter RON95
- 2011 Price Hike – RM2.16  /liter RON95 (broken into 2 hikes, once per 6 months)
- 2012 Price Hike – RM2.20  /liter RON95
- 2013 Price Hike – RM2.34  /liter RON95
- 2014 Price Hike – RM2.52  /liter RON95
- 2015 Price Hike – RM2.60  /liter RON95
- 2016 onwards will have RM2.60  /liter RON95

        The proposed hikes are just for RON95. The RON97 was not mentioned in it which government will further decreasing the subsidy and it might reach up to RM3 by 2015.

       Besides that, the proposal recommends that the government renegotiate the PLUS toll concession contract this year and the LDP contract by 2013, then all toll concession agreements must proceed without any subsidies, resulting in a toll hike of between 10% to 67% depending on the highway, distance, etc from this year onwards.

The current average price of fuel in Somalia was US$0. 91 (RM3) per litre.

Remove Subsidies Gradually *Updated on May 29th @

Increased Power without Spending Much Part 7: CAT Restriction

If you have even a partially collapsed catalytic converter, then the power of your car can be on a massive downward slide. In fact, in most cases the prob is pretty obvious to say the least.

A visual check for a melted or restricted CAT is your best warning. If this is the case, then try and pick up a cheap factory catalytic converter from an importer or from me, with the bonus being it will more than than likely work better in terms of protecting the environment than the cheap compliance CAT that's currently installed on your ride

Increased Power without Spending Much Part 6: Full Throttle

You may generally surprised how many cars aren't actually full throttle when you stomp hard on the gas. Get a mate to put their foot flat inside the car and then check the free play yourself. Adjust as required, but make sure you don't get your fingers caught in the mechanism.

Increased Power without Spending Much Part 5: Radiator Cap

Keep the radiator working hard by switching over to a radiator cap with a higher pressure rating. The increased sets the boiling point of water higher, allowing the coolant, water mix in the radiator work even more efficient to cool down your engine. While gains might be minimal, in conjunction with rest of the tips if could help provide some power.

D1 GP Street Legal

When I first see this video, I was wondering what's the title mentioning about. After seeing it then I realize it happens in Japan where it reminds me of Initial D. Japanese are having a vvery strong spirit in tuning and modifying their ride to go sideways and we can see the most common car that they normally tuned to drift which is Nissan Silvia S15 or Toyota Trueno AE86 equipped with 4A-GE. So let us just watch the video below on the Drift event happens in Nikko, Japan. So stay tuned for more. =)

Increased Power without Spending Much Part 4: Thermostat

A colder than normal thermostat can add power to some engines by allowing more ignition timing and improved air fuel ratios to be delivered by the computer. Some research will be required to get the correct upgraded thermostat for your car, but dropping the coolant temperature by some 10 degree celcius can give a decent result.

Increased Power without Spending Much Part 3: Clean The Air Flow Meter

When using oiled cottonor foam filters, there is a chance of contamination of the airflow meter. The thin film of slimy oil can change mixtures and ignition timing due to altering the load input of the management system. A quick squirt with a can of electrical contact cleaner can set things straight.

Increased Power without Spending Much Part 2 : Copper Gapped Plugs

A cheap set of copper core spark plugs has a lower arc over voltage than the precious metal platinum or iridium types and hence fire a little more spark energy into the chamber.

Gapped down to 0.8mm for the most turbo application, they can eliminate small Top End Misfires and give a great, smooth power result. The only downside is that they will need replacing every 10,000 km or so. The upside is they are very cheap. Do have a try on it yeah.